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What is knowledge?

Knowledge is information as experience

All experiences are the experience of existence Existence is a consciousness/energy within spacetime Spacetime is nothing and everything Consciousness/energy is the concept of self Self is made up of three subjective illusions Your senses, emotion, and reason.

Reason is the experience of understanding and simulating other experiences

Emotion is the experience of polarity

Positive emotion is caused by: 1. Love/selflessness due to the truth of infinity 2. Overcoming fear due to the desire to attain truth

Negative emotion is caused by: 1. Fear/Selfishness/Belief/Desire/Ignorance due to the desire to experience and seek the truth

Senses are the ability to collect information about the existence They are sight, hearing, taste, smell, touch, time and space.

Experience and knowledge are both subjective.

Knowledge = Experience = Infinity = Nothingness


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