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Thumper VR review and reflection

Thumper VR is the best rhythm game I have ever played. A masterpiece in its genre. Thumper is more like a survival horror game than a traditional rhythm game. Unlike most rhythm games that makes you feel good for playing, Thumper makes you feel fear for playing it. The game is trying to kill you at all times, and that's what makes it so good.


Unlike any other rhythm games, that tells you is okay to fail, Thumper makes you on the edge of death at every corner you face. You only have two lives, and whenever you make a mistake, the music doesn't slow down, it speeds up. This is a brilliant design. Fun is overcoming fears. So the more fear one experience, the more fun/pleasure they will gain when they overcome it. Making failure more painful will make success more rewarding. When you are playing Thumper, you are so focused that you get into the flow state immediately. The longer you survive, the more afraid you are of death, and the more fun you will have after you did survive. However, it doesn't stop there, just surviving is not enough. With the scoring system and leaderboard, the game constantly pushes you to do tricks and combos that are extremely risky but rewarding when pulled off. This will create more fear at the moment to moment gameplay. Plus to do this or not is completely up to the player. This makes the difficulty of the levels auto-adjusting. How hard you want to play is completely up to you, making the replayability of each level extremely high. The music of the game is not really music, but sounds, because the goal of the game is to scare you, so the sound is always important because it tells you what is coming next. Using notes as attacks from monsters and bosses works both on the gameplay level and narrative level. This is probably the first rhythm game to have a narrative. Plus the VR support. It really transports you to the game and makes you so immersed in the game. After trying this game in both VR and normal mod. I am convinced that this game is a hundred times better in VR. So much so that it feels like a completely different game. In VR, you can see things in 3D, which allows you to see what's coming more clearly than in 2D. Plus the immersiveness is incomparable to the normal mode in VR. I will do much better in VR than in normal mod just because of the immersive quality of the VR gameplay. Since the game doesn't require any movements, I can play for many hours without motion sickness. This game is made for VR. Overall, the gameplay is amazing.


There's not much to say other than amazing. Everything from the colour, the tone, the lighting, the shapes fit the gameplay perfectly.

Music and sound:

Perfection. The sound design fits the gameplay perfectly. In fact, it is a part of gameplay.

Overall, Thumper VR is a true masterpiece of rhythm game design. It truly pushed the genre into a new direction.


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