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Thoughts on Sky beta

Sky did something that no other game has done before.

The gameplay and story are completely designed to bring people together.

By rewarding player for loving action, the player will do more of them and it feels great to hold hands and hug others.

There are fears in the gameplay.

The krill and puzzles.

However, those fears are there to enhance the experience of love.

The act of selflessness.

When you are holding hands with a group of people and you are the one in control, you will be more careful.

If you do this in the krill area, the player that's controlling will feel more fear, and others will feel more love.


Because when someone trusts you with their life, you will take your life and theirs more seriously.

And when you trust someone enough to give them control over your life, you will at the same time love them enough to forgive their mistake.

This can build great bonds between people.

It can connect people together without words.

The thing that everybody wants in life is understanding/love from another.

The game makes the player understand each other on a deeper level without using words.

Since we don't say what we mean.

The nature of people in this game is all good, for you can only do good.

All the actions in the game are all focused on selflessness/love.

Is all about giving, not taking.

Thus making the game environment super loving.

You will run into other players and instantly want to be friends.

The first thought you will have is to give.

And when you give them your candle, they then give one back.

You just communicated with the other person through action that you love them.

And they too will take that intention and bond with you, naturally.

You can make so many friends, and because the world is all connected, you will run into them all the time.

The levels are stories and experiences that players will go through together.

These levels are designed to be memorable.

Holding hands and flying with someone through the beautiful world.

If you are the one controlling, you will be constantly reminded that the other person trusts you to act.

You will want to go to all the best places and find all the secrets for them.

If you are the one watching, you will be constantly surprised by the other player's action, and even if they make mistakes, you will forgive them and let them take control again.

We bond with others through love, not fear.

If we design a game with this in mind, the game will bring love to the player.

This is only possible in games.

You can't build a deep bond with another through film or book, for those art forms don't require more than one person to experience.

But video games, the art of action, will let people do things, thus only video games can create bonds that bring people together through action.

Fun doesn't have to be overcoming fear, it can also be love.

How do I use this in my game?

Maybe make the player love an NPC?

Or maybe the other way around.

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