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Thomas was alone reflection

Things I learned from this game: 1. It is possible to tell a story with just blocks 2. The story is told through narration 3. Blocks can have different personalities 4. The personality of each block is caused by their ability 5. The story setting made sense. A virtual world with AI trying to get out 6. The levels are designed to teach the player to use each blocks abilities to solve problems, and then combine all the different abilities into one level. 7. This will give interesting puzzle-solving gameplay, while at the same time deepen the understanding and bond between the characters. 8. Play is action. The more action the player can do the more gameplay there is. However, the less action in a game, the easier it is to play. This is why games like Mario uses only one action but made variations of that action so the player can do more things with one action. 9. The key to puzzle solving is giving the player a clear goal, the problem, and the solution right from the beginning. 10. The only bad thing with the story is that I don't feel connected to the characters since there are so many, and their characteristics are too simple. 11. Characters are someone who wants something badly but having a hard time getting it. Intention and obstacle. 12. Even though the visual is really simple, the art style was great.


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