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Portal 2 reflection

One of the best game I've ever played. A perfect combination of gameplay and storytelling. The setting of the story fit the gameplay so perfectly. Every level is brilliant. Playing through this game felt like a tutorial for designing puzzle games.

Here's what I learned: 1. A good puzzle level will define all the goals, problems, and solutions at the beginning of the level. 2. The player learns mechanics through action. 3. Each level has a purpose, they either pushed the story forward or taught the player new mechanics. 4. The game explored the function of the portal gun to the fullest, then introduced new mechanics. 5. Mechanics: Laser wall, Laser, Blocks, Mirror blocks, Paints, Floating things 6. However, each of these mechanics requires the portal gun to work. 7. And each of these mechanics can interact with the player and other mechanics, which creates many possible outcomes. 8. The story was funny, which made the puzzle more enjoyable because it allows the player to take a break. 9. The story was unexpected, you never know what's going to happen next. 10. There were no cutscenes for the most part of the game, the story parts were completely told through the character in the gameplay. 11. One of the problems with no cutscene is that the player won't see the other character's face, but portal don't have this problem since the characters are Ais, and the voice acting was so good that you don't need the player to look at the character whenever they talk. 12. The character each had a clear intention from the very beginning of the game. 13. There was some great character development. 14. One of the best plot twist in video games. 15. The ending was surprising and satisfying.

16. The game play loop: Puzzle -- Story -- Puzzle -- Story…...


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