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Local motion for first person control in VR

All movement actions in first person VR games:

Horizontal movements Vertical movements Forward Backward Direction Speed Momentum Jump

Examples: Doom VFR: Teleportation

Pros: No motion sickness No need for jumping Cons: The player can only teleport to places they can see, Which limits their movement to forward only. To move backwards, the player needs to turn the camera 180. Which is not ideal in combat because you can never move and attack at the same time.

Skyrim VR: Direct control:

Pros: Can move with one hand and attack with another Cons: Motion sickness Although the player can move and attack at the same time, the player still needs to turn their camera since the VR doesn't work without tracking. Turning the camera is annoying because it is a snap turning, you can never face the direction you want to face. The control is just not intuitive. Can't move when using two-handed weapons.

Sprint Vector Movement control:

Pros: No motion sickness Intuitive Have momentum Have good vertical movements. Cons: Camera, the main direction Can't move and attack at the same time, in this game attack is not used often. With momentum sometimes it is hard to control.

Overall: The main problem with local motion in VR is that when trying to adapt current game control ideas into VR, normal control is not usable. The games all face one choice, good movement, or good combat. Because when using motion control as movement control, the player will be able to move around without getting sick, but when moving they won't be able to use motion as combat control. (Shooting or fighting). On the other hand, if the player can shoot or fight, they cannot move naturally, thus causing motion sickness. Movement = No gameplay Gameplay = No movement

Solution: Making movement and gameplay one of the same. For example: The player moves around by moving their hands, and to attack, all the player have to do is move to the enemy position. Endless runners: You always face one direction, you don't attack, you dodge, you have both horizontal and vertical movements.

Also, even if you have both movement and gameplay, camera direction is still one major problem. Solution: Making the player always facing one direction Have VR tracking that allows the player to turn 360 Make the camera turning controlled by the player

Possible solution: Instead of moving the player inside the world, we let the player move the world around them. They can use one hand to drag the world around, (Player movement) and the other hand drag the camera (Camera control should only be horizontal). And use the center of their view as an attack.

Problem: How to jump? Is all movement done by the player?

Maybe this is more of a hardware problem than a software one.

The controller for psvr is not good. There's not directional input.

Oculus rift has the best controller so far.


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