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Life is an infinite singularity in a single point of nothingness.

Art is a mirror for one to see their own self.

Self is an infinite illusion.

Love is a selfless act with a selfish motive.

Love/selflessness is an act of surrender to the other person.

Love/selflessness is an act of letting yourself go.

Fear is a selfish act with a selfless motive.

Fear/selfishness is an act of attachment to the other person.

Fear/selflessness is an act of holding on to yourself.

A thing is an infinite nothingness.

Everything is infinite nothingness.

Nothingness is infinity.

Nothing is nothingness, not even space and time.

Good is a single perspective that created bad.

Bad is a single perspective that created good.

All meanings are meaningless.

Meaninglessness creates infinite meanings.

Truth is false within time.

False is truth within time.

Time is causality within space.

Space is infinite nothingness.

Belief is the fear of being wrong.

Being only exist in the present.

Present time is all time and it doesn't exist.

Existence does not exist.


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