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80% of all games that exist right now are combat focused games. How do we make games that focus on other things but maintaining fun? One solution is to make give the player combat option, but make the act of killing unethical. So the act of kill is caused by the will of the player. They will choose whether or not to sacrifice pleasure for love of others. This will require extremely immersive and realistic gameplay.

Or another solution is to eliminate all combat, but create fear and win state through stories. Journey is a great example of this. The entire experience of Journey is entertaining. This was done through all aspects of the game, sound, art, cinematics, gameplay. The game makes the player feel the fear of death without killing them once. The environment is often the enemy. Overcoming fears by playing(moving and flying). If the player is not motivated by fear(winning), they must be motivated by love(selflessness and self-survival).

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