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How can game deliver more experience in shorter times?

A film or tv show can deliver so many profound experiences in so little time, how can games do the same?

The problem is that in games, Story and gameplay often limited each other. Most game only has one primary way of playing. Playing is actions, actions causes events. Because of this, gameplay is created either to cause the story or to form the story around it. This method limited the numbers of possible experiences since gameplay needs to be consistent throughout the game, and human experiences consist of many different actions. How to have more different experiences in interactive art is an area that is still developing.

Two solutions: 1. Making the gameplay more cinematic. (God of war, The last of us part 2, Undertale, The last guardian, Journey) So that gameplay tells the emotions of the characters through animation, sound, performance, and camera control(Cinematography). 2. Making the cinematic more playable by making the cinematic more interactive. (Detroit, A way out, Telltale games) So that the player is playing more experiences that is different from the core gameplay.

Right now, parts of the story that are not interactive are described through cinematics, because it is not in the gameplay. What if all cinematic are playable, and all gameplay feels like cinematic?

Films use cinematography and acting to describe experiences of the character, what if in games we use gameplay that is not in the story but use it to convey the feelings of the characters? Florence is one good example of this.

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