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Detroit Become Human Review and Reflection

Detroit become human is a masterpiece of interactive art, but not a great game. The ability to make decisions that truly matters in the story is the most important and impressive feature in this game. However, aside from the great story and impressive graphics, the gameplay is where is lacking.

The story is where the game shines. One thing that is unique to games as an art form is the ability to give player feedback on their actions and behaviours. Most story-driven games are either linear or open world, with a scripted experience. Which is important because giving player options to change the story might make the story less great since the player can choose to do things opposite of the character's desire. Thus making the character less believable. To solve this problem, Detroit made the player choice less about the character's desires, but more about the character's life. All three characters in every chapter have the possibility to die, this will work in the gameplay perspective since the desire to live is within everyone, and fun is created through overcoming fear. Because it is only about life and death, the character's motivation is unchanged. Thus the story will make sense no matter what the player chooses to do since the goal remains the same. In short, the desire to exist is the root of all desires, so use that for gameplay, and use the desire for happiness as the driven force for the story.

Connor: Wants to solve the deviant problem. ---- Wants to help the deviants

Markus: Wants to free all androids.

Kara: Wants Alice to be happy.

After completing the game, I learned a lot more about myself. How my decisions have impacted the characters also impacted me. Any game that can have an positive impact on its player is a masterpiece in my opinion.


This game is one of the most beautiful games I've played. The graphics are one of the best in this generation. Every character has their own tone of colours that are shown through the environments.

Sound and music:

One of the best soundtrack this year. Having three different composers to compose is genius. Each character has their unique theme that is memorable. My favourite is Kara's theme.


This is where the game is lacking. Most gameplay is done through QTE. The goal of QTE is to make the player feel like they are doing the actions that the character is doing. Since I just finished Beyond Two Souls before starting Detroit. I have to say that Detroit's gameplay and QTE is a hundred times better than Beyond Two Souls. Most QTE are enjoyable. However, I think what they should've done is that they should develop a special type of gameplay for each character. This only applies to Connor, which has the detective gameplay and in my opinion the most fun out of the three to play as. It would be great if they did the same to Kara and Markus. For Kara, they could have a survival type of gameplay, giving Alice protection and survival needs. For Markus, maybe make an entire combat and shooting system, so instead of just player hitting the right buttons, it gives the challenge and works for the player to have fun and experience it as the character experience it. The choice to fight or not is still up to the player, but how to fight is also up to the player.

Overall, Detroit Become Human is a masterpiece of interactive art that has the ability to leave a strong impact on its players. If only the gameplay is more refined, this game would be one of the best interactive experience ever made. But still, a masterpiece none the less.


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