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Polished the sounds,added new sound

Polished dialogues

Bug fixes

Sound mixing


Finished all the final graphical polish.

Light effects for UI

Polish Death animation

Polish Menu Polish

Bug fixes

5:54 PM: Light effects

2:25 PM: Bug fixes

3:00 AM: Attack animation for all enemies A new background image for the menus

2018-10-15/1: 00 AM: Changed the colors of all enemies and environments Light effects Polished the art

2018-10-11/6:45PM: Dialogue sound bug fixed Dialogue position fixed Some enemy changes Made the enemy progression faster In game facial animation Other Bug fixes Credit Page Update

2018_10-11/3:42AM: The first demo finished. Boss finished All dialogues add and systems finished All sound added and systems finished Bug fixes First ever public showcase: Success. Feedback and polishing

2018-10-10/1:44AM: 90% of the dialogues and scenes added New boss almost finished Lots bug fixes

2018-10-09/4:24AM: Dialogue progress Dialogue system bug fixes Character Animation Progress

2:55AM: New Boss Design New Character Animations

2018-10-08/1:40AM: Dialogue and scene system finished.

2018-10-07/8: 13 PM: Redesigned all the tutorials. Again. There are no more walls Bug fixes

2018-10-07/12: 47 AM: Finished both super. Super now no longer causes your body to contract when finished.

2018-10-04-06/2: 05 AM: Bug fixes Adjustment to the new combat Disabled the enemy convert to bomb mechanic Finished the enemy saving system New UI

2018-10-03-04/1: 45 AM: New combat system(You now shoot lasers instead of bullets) The human system and super system are deactivated because I am redesigning them. Also new art, only the player and one of the enemies, I'm still working on the rest. Try the new combat and let me know what you think.

2018-09-30--10-03: New player and enemy art New environment art Progress in the new saving system Progress in the story(Characters and plot) Started a new track

2018-09-30: New wall collision system All wall bugs fixed

2018-09-29: Arcade mode Tutorial tweak

2018-09-28-29/4: 33 AM: Bug fixes UI and HUD redesign Tutorial balances Ability lock

2018-09-28: Bug fixes

2018-09-27-28: Redesigned the whole beginning part. Added four new tutorials. Visual differences between the enemies that are eatable

2018-09-26: New tutorial.

2018-09-26/1:35 AM: State machine finished All player animation up and running The zip function is now left click.

2018-09-23-25: Time slows down when low on health Bug fixes State machine progress

2018-09-23: New Eating mechanic finished.

2018-09-18-22: Progress in the new eating mechanic, the framework is done.

2018-09-09-18: Progress in animation state machine Finished timer system New movement system: Charge and zip.

2018-09-08: Wall collision system is done.

2018-09-07: Is 1:15 AM, and I finally finished the camera system. New build is up.

2018-09-02-06: Worked on the camera and animation system. (Got lots of homework these past few days, didn't get the amount I want to be done, but I will catch up).

2018-09-01-02: Bug fixes Balances

2018-08-30-31: Worked on the camera system, the zoom function now works, but the screen shake is broken, will fix soon. Changed health to 2

2018-08-29: Progress in the camera system.

2018-08-28: Made the pause menu timer disabled Made the eat super unsustainable Disabled obj_enHeal Disabled shield Made the enGen range much smaller to fix the enemy generating into wall bug Increased the enemy pathfinding range Increased the enemy shot speed and fire rate Added code to destroy the enemy if they are immobile for too long Made the energy progress HUD hidden when playing the tutorial Made the health of the enemies correspond to the player level

2018-08-27: Made the enemy generation speed 10X faster, this is now a completely different game. Added priority and limited the sounds Made the wall collision more clear and interesting The animation state machine is still broken, is a pain, but eventually, it will work Made the credit page

2018-08-26: Sound for contract Bug fixes UI Changes

2018-08-17--25: Background change One track made Three new enemies Multiple bug fixes Movement sound Animation state machine progress Story progress New design plans Bullet Sound limit, gen number, gen xx yy, Gen limit, Changes to movement speed Make the human give points also and heals when in contract mode. Enemies that blind the player Target instance_nearest

2018-08-16: Finished the background music. Added the exit game option Added background to the environment Fixed the upgrade bug Changed player movement speed.

2018-08-11: enemy BirthLongRange finished enemy EatGrow finished Some small bugs fixed

2018-08-10: enemy Birth finished enemy Missle Finished

2018-08-09: enemy EatShot finished

2018-08-08: enemy MustHit finished.

2018-08-07: Super system finished.

2018-08-06: Almost done the first super Started on super system Death object finished Bug fixes

Bug Fixed: Everything disappears when playing for some unknown reason Death object detects bullets but doesn't avoid them

2018-08-05: Fixed bugs: The bullet detectors are not creating S Player bodies are lost after the stats transferred S The o bug. o Is suppose to be the player or the previous body, but somehow it is obj_plan. S The death body object cannot detect the death object when hitting with a bullet even when the object exists. S The death object seeks out enemies to eat but the bodies do not follow S The death object does not attack the player S The state machine of the death object is currently broken. S

2018-08-04: Worked on death object

2018-08-03: Progress on death object, what's left is bug fixes and bullet


2018-07-22: More on death object, still not finished but the indicator and object works, however, the stats are not transferring

2018-07-21: started death mechanic, the object created.

2018-07-20: Fixed the bug that causes player object to disappear when a room change

2018-07-15: Player body contract indicator Bug fixes: Range and fire rate bug Body cooldown EnEatPlayer speed increase EnHeal sped, health increase, body size decrease

2018-07-14: Bug Fixes

2018-07-13: death animation for enemies 3D audio for all objects sound: Lasers charge, Laser Charged, Laser Fired Energy object Enemies that can eat you Enemies that buffs others

2018-07-12: Story introduction: Score bar/New UI Heartbeat sound Human generator Player indicator Upgrade system

2018-07-10: Tutorial selection

2018-07-07: New fire sound Enemy death animation

2018-07-02: Bug Fixed: Body number resetting Make the body number with a cap, and it should increase with level.

2018-07-01: Bugs fixed: Infinite Invincibility En laser does not do NoE

2018-06-28: Enemies that attack long range but can’t be eaten

2018-06-27: Weapon system: Damage and Size New enemy: obj_enCantHit

Before: Make the health only 2, so when the player gets hit, they have an invulnerable time and needs to eat right away to get full health# Let the player control the body. Extent or contract # Make the gameplay more skill based# Make health harder to upgrade #


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