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About emotions

The most relatable human emotions are love and fear. How to evoke emotions?

All emotions are evoked by overcoming its opposite emotions.

Fun is the collection of all positive emotions.

To evoke pleasure one needs to overcome the fear of survival. To evoke fear, one must first experience pleasure.

To evoke love one must overcome the fear of hatred and separation. To evoke hatred, one must first experience love.

To evoke peace one must overcome the fear of chaos. To evoke chaos, one must first experience peace.

To evoke fulfillment one must overcome the fear of separation. To evoke separation, one must first experience unity.

To evoke happiness one must overcome the fear of suffering. To evoke suffering, one must first experience happiness.

Duality is unity.

The only way to overcome fear is through acceptance.

The only way to accept is through awareness.

The only way to become aware is through being.

The only way to being is nothingness.

The only way to nothingness is infinity.


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