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A possible solution to good FPS warfare campaign

Instead of telling a story about one character, a warfare campaign should tell a story from the perspective of the event of war. A good example of this in films is Dunkirk. It focuses on telling the event of the war instead of individuals. The event of a war should be focused on all major forces that caused the outcome of the war. In the case of Dunkirk, it was air, water, and land. Following three groups of characters. This would allow a non-linear narrative experience, and because wars are not about individuals, this will give the player the sense of a collective force, instead of one man killing all the enemy forces. At the start of the story, the player will be shown on a map of all the major events of the war, the detail of the event and the character. Each event should be nonlinear, the player should have three options to win the event, each will have different difficulties, but with higher difficulties the higher the advantage and the higher the rate of victory. So the player will make decisions that can change the outcome of the war. They will be able to see the rate of victory at all any time during the war. The player will first choose one of the major events, and then choose to play as one of the characters in their squat. Before the game starts, they will be able to read the background story of every character in the squat. Then the game starts, the player will play through the event. When they die, they do not revive, they simply become one of the other characters in their squat. So death is permanent, and the other characters will have human reactions to other character's death. One of the advantages of video game storytelling is the ability to change the perspective of the player. They can be anyone in the story, giving them a great understanding of all the characters. So instead of playing this one character, you are the whole squat, and losing a character could mean the failure of the mission. So players will have to really play this carefully. If all the squat dies, the mission fails, and the war continues without them. The rate of victory will go down dramatically. After the first event, the player will choose another major event, and time will go back to the beginning of the war because all events are happening simultaneously. The player will play through this event similar to the first one in structure, but completely different in gameplay and story. They will choose the difficulty, learn about the characters, and choose who they want to be in the squat. The story will end in the outcome of the whole war, victory of defeat. The player can choose sides in the very beginning of the war, they can go through each asset of the sides, their ideology, and their desired future. Then choose which one they want to play. They can play on the other side after they finished one side if they want to. So if on their first playthrough they killed an enemy without thinking, in the second playthrough when they are that enemy, and knowing all the background of the character of both sides. This will hopefully create compassion towards both sides, and learn that we are both humans. Then after they beat both campaigns, on the third playthrough they will have the option to be the leader of the sides and make a peaceful resolution, and all the characters that the player played and died as, will all live. That will be the true ending of the campaign.

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