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Working on a secret Mix Reality project on Magic Leap for my Capstone Project. More to show soon...

Project Moutain

Project Mountain is a school team project made in three weeks.

Responsible for Gameplay Design/Programming, Procedural Mountain/Content Generation Systems

It is a VR climbing experience with procedural mountains. The project is made with a team of five. You try to reach the top of each mountain and find a magical flower with obstacles and enemies on the way.

I learned so much about procedural generation and procedural systems through this project.

You can find the procedural mountain system on my Github repository below. 

Read more  in this blog post: 

God Amongst Men

God Amongst Men is a solo school project made in one month in UE4

It is a VR prototype with a collection of superpowers combined to make the player feel powerful. You can throw and recall your weapons, run and fly through walls, and also you have the force to manipulate objects and throw them. This project was a playtesting practice project with the goal of polishing gameplay from user feedback.  I ​learned a lot about polishing through this experience. 

You can download the GDD with playtesting data to see my iteration process.


Project Recoil is a school team project made in two weeks.

Responsible for the Gameplay/Enemy Design and Programming

It is a movement-based first-person VR shooter using a similar locomotion system to Project Freedom. The main difference is that you move with the recoil of your gun. The game has a completely different feel since the movement is more limited but balanced. Combat is connected to movement on a much deeper level since the act of shooting can be movement and combat at the same time. 

This change in design makes the combat much more enjoyable over the movement when compared to a more freeing movement style in Project Freedom. The game is also more complete, featuring 5 main levels and a final boss.


Solo project

This is a prototype.


ProjectFreedom is a movement-based first-person bullet hell VR shooter focused on freedom. 
In this game, you can move/fly/hover in any direction at any speed while maintaining great combat experience. 


I designed this locomotion system to solve the problem of free and comfortable 3-dimensional movement in VR. 


To watch the full gameplay go here


If you are a VR developer and wish to learn more about this locomotion system, email me here. I'm open to sharing what I can to help others. 



Solo project

Pong in VR.
Requires Oculus Rift and Touch Controller

The control layout:
This game requires two touch controller
Hand trigger - Grab (You can grab at any time as long as the ball is within range)

The rules:
You can grab and throw the ball, or hit it with the sphere paddle on your hand.
Grabbing will lose all momentum of the ball, but you can have better control of the direction of the next throw.
Deflecting will increase the momentum base on how you hit the ball, but it is also harder to control.

To score you need to hit the wall behind the AI Opponent with the ball.
The AI opponent will adjust its difficulty base on your ability.
To win the game, you need to score 10 points.

This is a small project I made in a few days. 


Team Lead, Game Designer, Programmer, Artist, and Composer


-CONSUMER is a movement focused top-down shooter.

-Consume enemies to grow your body and get more powerful
-Use powerful supers
-Dodge hundreds of bullets and kill waves of enemies to fight the bosses
-20 different enemy types 
-Non-stop action
-System requirement: Windows only

Dev-Log: Here

Join the Discord:


Solo project

Ultra Break Breaker is two players break breaker game.
All the breaks you break will go to your opponent
Use charge and power-ups to break faster.


Solo project


Insight is a philosophical interactive essay that asks questions about philosophical topics such as "What is self?", "What is a thing?", "What is the truth?", "What is life?", "What is meaning?"... Insight let the player go through the experience of deep thinking.

Erik Luo

Game Designer

VR/MR Developer



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